Susquehanna University Statement on NCAA Infractions

Impermissible Benefit Provided, Penalties Imposed on Susquehanna Football Program

A Susquehanna University booster provided $14,860 to help pay a Susquehanna University football player’s outstanding educational expenses, according to a decision issued by the NCAA Division III Committee on Infractions.  The student-athlete enrolled and competed for the university during the fall of 2015 while ineligible because of the impermissible payment made on his behalf.

This case was resolved through a summary disposition process, a cooperative effort in which the involved parties collectively submit the case to the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions in written form.  The NCAA enforcement staff and the university must agree to the facts of the case for this process to be used instead of having a formal hearing.

The NCAA credited the university for its “exemplary,” proactive handling of the situation as soon as it became aware of the violation and accepted the university’s self-imposed penalties, adding only one corrective action.

The penalties include:

· Public reprimand and censure.

· Two years of probation from Nov. 22, 2016, through Nov. 21, 2018.

· A one-year football postseason ban following the 2016 season.

· A vacation of wins in which the student-athlete competed while ineligible.  The university indicated that five wins from the 2015 season will be vacated.

· The school permanently disassociated the booster who paid the expenses on the student-athlete’s behalf. 

· The university will enhance its comprehensive education program on NCAA legislation related to financial aid, especially representatives of Susquehanna’s athletic interests.

Click here to see the NCAA Committee on Infractions report.