Landmark Conference Rebranding Project Underway

Division III student-athletes are unique and deserve to be recognized as so. They defy the stereotype that athletes have little time for anything other than practice, games and school. In fact, athletes at the Division III level are inspirational in their desire to be involved in anything and everything that interests them—on and off the playing fields—during their years as a student-athlete.

The Landmark Conference, just 4 years old, recognizes that the student-athletes at its eight member institutions are remarkable individuals, and that more needs to be done to promote not only the member academic institutions, but also the conference itself.

The main topic at the conference’s annual symposium at Catholic University revolved around the branding of Division III and its member institutions. Two Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) members from the eight colleges and universities traveled to the symposium to give their feedback on what it means to be a Division III student-athlete in the Landmark Conference. The two days of brainstorming sessions will be instrumental in helping to guide the conference’s new branding strategies.

Changes are already taking shape for the 2011–12 athletic season and beyond. This coming year, the Landmark Conference logo, designed by SU student and men’s lacrosse player Tim Storck ’08, has been approved to appear on volleyballs in postseason competition and on uniforms of the student-athletes. In addition, the overstuffed luggage bags that student-athletes notoriously carry with them on bus trips will be adorned with Landmark baggage tags.

Rising Susquehanna seniors Matt Lottes and Lisa Finizio were SU’s two SAAC representatives who attended the symposium. Lottes was elected as the Landmark SAAC president, ensuring that Susquehanna will remain at the forefront of those student-athletes giving voice to the Landmark Conference and its mission.