Catching Up With...Spencer Hotaling

Catching Up With...Spencer Hotaling

This week, the SU athletics communications department caught up with sophomore Spencer Hotaling as the Crusaders are gearing up for the 2013 Landmark Conference home opener against Moravian this Friday and Saturday.

Name: Spencer Hotaling
Sport: Football and Baseball
Class: Sophomore
Major: Business Administration - Marketing
Birthday: Jan 12, 1993

Why did you choose your major?
I chose to be a business major after following my dad through his pool business operations throughout my childhood. Marketing seems to be the most creative and innovative part of the business world as I see it today.

What has been your favorite class so far?
Marketing with Professor Kumar.

Have you studied abroad? If so, when and where and what was your favorite memory or experience from your time abroad?

I have recently studied abroad in Chile with my baseball team during the 2012-13 winter break. Many things during that trip were notable, but my favorite and most enjoyable memory from Chile was climbing a volcano with my team and coaches. The hike took three hours to get to our highest point of over 10,000 feet and another hour and a half descent. The climb was one of the most vigorous activities I have ever done, but once our team reached the top we all knew we had accomplished something amazing, as a whole.

What are your plans after graduation?

My plans for after graduation are to pursue my athletic career further if that may be playing overseas or Canada. Also I plan to start my own business and invent a few apps, since they are all the craze these days.

What is your favorite athletic memory as a Crusader?

My favorite memory as a Crusader thus far would the first game of the season as a kicker on the football team. We went into overtime and I was forced to attempt a game winner for the first time as a collegiate athlete. This kick was good and the whole team stormed the field and dog-piled on top of me. Luckily for me I'm the most claustrophobic person ever so that went well!

What is your go-to song to get pumped up for competition?

As of right now my go-to song to get me pumped up is definitely Just One Last Time by David Guetta, but I usually resort to a full playlist of electro/house/techno/dubstep songs to get me pumped for competition. David Guetta and Zedd usually get the job done for me.

What is your nickname on your team?

On the football team I am usually referred to as "Kicker". On the baseball mound my nickname tends to be "Ho" for my last name. "Ho" has a little more meaning and "Kicker" is simply just a title of position, but I openly accept both.

The most embarrassing thing that's happened to me on the playing field is….

Well, I wasn't exactly on the field at the time, but in our game against McDaniel this past fall (their Senior Day, place was packed with drunks) I was warming up for a long field goal on the sideline and when I was doing some of my high leg kicks I over did one and fell straight on my back. A bunch of their fans saw it and started to yell and pick at me.

The best part about road trips with my team is…

The best part about baseball road trips would have to be the down time in the hotels. In Florida, we have a show out by the pool where freshmen give a performance. They are nice times to just relax and get to know groups of our teammates better.

What advice do you have for a prospective SU student-athlete?

My advice to prospective SU student-athletes would be to stay optimistic about getting playing time as freshmen. You never know what events or situations might unfold where the outcome is you gaining a spot on the field.

What are your goals for the upcoming season, both individually and as a team?

My goals for this upcoming baseball season since that is what I am currently playing, would be to make the All-Conference Team as a starting pitcher and keep my ERA below 1.50. For my team, we have all set our goal to win the conference tournament.

My favorite midnight snack is…

By far my favorite midnight snack is Sheetz subs and mozzarella sticks.

If you could meet anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

If I could meet anyone it would have to be Will Smith. He is my favorite actor and I feel like he has become accomplished in such a wide variety of entertainment and life (Acting, Producer, Musician, Fatherhood).

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

If I could travel anywhere in the world it would have to be Italy. I feel as though Italy brings such a beautiful and rich culture that I haven't ever seen in person.

Do you have any unique talents/hobbies?

If I had to declare a unique talent/hobby it would be dancing. I love to dance and my family would say the same thing. I've been mesmerized by dance ever since I was a young kid.

What was your biggest high school achievement?

My biggest high school achievement would have to be kicking a field goal in the State Championship, which would later give my team the win over Manheim Central 10-7.

Something people may not know about me is…

Something people probably would not know about me is that I am very interested in fashion and clothing trends.


Color: Blue
Animal: Lion or Turtle
Food: Pizza
Selinsgrove restaurant: Isabella's
TV Show: Modern Family and Cougartown
Movie: The Dark Knight Rises
Band/Artist: David Guetta
Professional Team: Philadelphia Flyers
Athlete: Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods
Vacation Spot: Ocean City, Maryland
Guilty Pleasure: Coke and Snickers
Quote: "If you aren't living, you're dying." –unknown and "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." –Wayne Gretzky