Susquehanna, Landmark Conference Celebrate DIII Week

Susquehanna, Landmark Conference Celebrate DIII Week

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TOWSON, Md. - Over the last several weeks, student-athletes from across the Landmark have been asked to share their #whyd3 stories. The hashtag, #whyd3, originated a few years ago and continues to be used as supporters of NCAA Division III champion the cause on social media.

As thousands of people across the country look to celebrate Division III Week, Landmark student-athletes have joined in to share their stories. Some of them had opportunities to play at a higher level, some of them did play at a higher level. Some of the student-athletes traveled across the country or to another country to attend college, while others are competing in their backyard.

From the Player of the Year to the player off the bench, there is a consistent message of genuine gratitude for the Division III experience.
Throughout Division III Week, the Landmark Conference will share snippets of the student-athletes' stories through social media, but fans can read all of the stories through the #whyd3 home page.

Current Susquehanna student-athletes Pat Brown (cross country, track & field) and Alyssa Cantalini (softball) have shared their respective #whyd3 stories. Please be sure to check out both Pat and Alyssa's stories as well as those of their fellow Landmark Conference student-athletes.

In addition to the telling of these stories, Susquehanna will be hosting a luncheon on Tuesday, April 8, with Susquehanna President Jay Lemons. All student-athletes (sophomore standing or higher) with grade-point averages of 3.5 or higher are invited to the luncheon to celebrate their successes in both academics and athletics.

Finally, Thursday, April 10 has been designated as "Gear Day" (#LCgearday) by the Landmark Conference and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committees (SAAC) of all Landmark Conference schools. The Conference has asked all student-athletes and staff to wear athletic apparel on April 10 and to take photos throughout the day. Everyone is encouraged to use the hashtag #LCgearday to share their photos.