SUFH Takes on Bermuda: Day One

First day in Bermuda! I can't express how amazing this experience has and is going to be! Not only are many of us blessed with traveling to a place we may never visit again but we have ALL been given the opportunity to start our season early - something our opponents aren't doing.  

From the moment we stepped into the airport in N.J, it felt like none of us had even left for summer; it was as if we had all seen each other yesterday. Once we settled into our hotel rooms, it wasn't long before we were all in our bathing suits and heading to the beach - literally feet from our hotel. We only had an hour before we had to leave for our first game but I'm planning on taking full advantage of every second of free time we have.

We won our first game and despite not having played with each other since April, we played one heck of a game! There is always room for improvement and I can only speak for myself, but it felt amazing to be out on the field again.

Stay tuned!
Brodie Ercole #2