SUFH Takes On Bermuda: Day Two

SUFH Takes On Bermuda: Day Two

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It's our second day in Bermuda and SUFH had a full day of experiencing this beautiful island!

We started off the day with a great breakfast from the hotel where we dined next to a great view of Bailey's Bay. Then we packed our sunscreen and snorkel gear and headed off to Horseshoe Bay. We all took FULL advantage of visiting this beach. We did everything from climbing on giant rocks which overlooked the ocean to using our snorkel gear to see fish swimming below us to laying on the semi-pink sand and get some sun.

After spending most of the afternoon there, we came back to the hotel and had dinner before our practice with Pablo. He is the former Argentinean National field hockey coach. We greatly appreciated him teaching us some new drills and skills which we will continue to use back in the States.

Overall, today has been a great second day in Bermuda! We are all so happy to be back together again and experiencing this wonderful opportunity together as a team.

#17 Alison Caulfield