SUFH Takes on Bermuda: Yoga, Kayaking and More

SUFH Takes on Bermuda: Yoga, Kayaking and More

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To start off day five of our hockey trip, we had a fantastic yoga session in the hot Bermuda morning sun with Cherie! She had us stretching and meditating which was fantastic after a few full days of play. We all got to sit in a circle and relax on the hotel lawn while leaning simple exercises we can even incorporate during our warmups this season.

After the yoga session, we had a team breakfast as per usual and then headed out for kayaking in the bay! We paired up with someone in a different class year than ourselves and went to town. A few of us played "bumper kayaks" and flipped one another over. It was incredible to be able to look down in the water and see the sunken sinks and debris as well as the coral and rock of the island. The coaches had a chance to paddle board around the bay, as well.

For the rest of the afternoon, all the players split up and either went in the ocean, pool or hot tub and enjoyed a relaxing day in the sun (and rain). Around 2 p.m., we headed to St. George for some exploring and a guided history tour of the city. This is where we were able to buy some goodies for ourselves and loved ones.

Later, we enjoyed a final meal together at The Tavern by the Sea. Despite the rain, SUFH sought out some great photo opportunities.

#14 Erin Bonafede '16