Harley Sellinger ’14: Basketball Overseas

Harley Sellinger ’14: Basketball Overseas

Rising Susquehanna senior men’s basketball player Harley Sellinger ’14 is spending time this summer playing basketball internationally in Italy with the team AIST. Through his blog, Sellinger will give Susquehanna fans an inside look at his time overseas.

Day 4
Today we went to Florence for a tour of the city and some time to just explore on our own. It was beautiful! We walked around the city and made it to a street market where we bought some gifts for people. After we got back on the bus we headed to San Marino which is actually another country inside of Italy. It is also the oldest Republic in the world. We got to the hotel and had our dinner and enjoyed the rest of our night at a Salsa bar.

Day 5
Today we went on a tour of San Marino with a tour guide. There are three castle towers there and I made it to all of them because San Marino is only 53 square kilometers. Later that day we played our second game against Pallacanestro Senigallia Goldengas. We lost this game by four points and I finished with six points and six rebounds. After the game we exchanged some gifts we had brought. They gave us all t-shirts with their team name on it. We had dinner at the gym and came back to the hotel for the night.

Day 6

Today we moved on to Vicenza. There were three games today, with my team playing in the third game. We lost 75-74 in overtime and I had four points and nine rebounds. The leading scorer was Jeremy Hayes form Juniata with 17, then Marco Copolla from WPI with 12.

Coach Bob Walsh from RIC said, “great game, great presentation, great atmosphere. Missed three shots that would have won the game in last four seconds of regulation.”

After all the games we came back then went out to find a restaurant because we were all starving after the games.

Day 7
Today we went to the “most beautiful city in Italy,” Venice. We went through a tour of a glass museum that is made there in Venice. All of the glass was amazing and beautiful. After that we were given free time to go and walk around to find things on our own. I went with two of the guys and we started going through the back streets of Venice and found a few free art galleries and places that were just beautiful.

Once we were done roaming around we went back to meet up with some of the other players to go on a gondola ride. This is a must-do in Venice! For anybody that does not know Venice is made up of islands where the only way to get around is to walk and by boat. After the amazing gondola tour myself and a couple of the guys went into a cathedral where almost the entire ceiling was made of gold. Overall today was one of the best days yet. We leave for Milan tomorrow and to play our last game.

- Harley Sellinger ’14