Female Student-Athletes Take Part in SU FACT Presentations

Female Student-Athletes Take Part in SU FACT Presentations

SELINSGROVE, Pa. - This semester, Susquehanna female student-athletes are taking part in a series of TED talks sponsored by SU FACT (Female Athlete Connection Team) and formatted specifically for female student-athletes. The topics were chosen by a group of female student-athletes who represented every woman’s sport. The presenters include alums and professionals in the SU and Selinsgrove community who are willing to share their wisdom, support the female student-athletes, and watch them succeed on and off the field.

On Feb. 22, more than 75 female student-athletes enjoyed learning about stress management from presenters Julie Briskey ’11 (former soccer player) and Raven Rudnitsky (local family therapist). Briskey spoke about her experience as a student-athlete at SU and how time management and organization really helped her manage her stress levels and be more productive. Raven then addressed the group from a psychological perspective, giving the group some techniques to manage their stress levels including breathing exercises, positive thinking and mental visualization.

Some thoughts about the night from some of SU’s current student-athletes:

“I thought last night was super comforting in a sense that everyone is going through stress and there are other people who are feeling overwhelmed in everyday life, too! Whether it be in the classroom or on the field, we are all dealing with something and it was helpful getting insight on how others deal with stress. Julie recommended buying a large calendar and creating your ‘own due dates’ before something is actually due. She said doing this relieved some stress from her life. I think this is something I would definitely be interested in trying out since due dates can creep on me, especially when juggling academics and athletics!”  - Una Heinzerling, Class of 2018

“I think Julie gave us a great look at what it's really like to be a student-athlete and how even though we only practice on paper from 4-6 or 6-8, we still put in extra time before and after practice to prepare and get better just as we would (or should) with any of our classes for tests and assignments. Raven followed up with some great tips and ways that we can calm ourselves against the stress we face on a daily basis from our respective sports and how we can find a way to speak nicer to ourselves and motivate rather than let negative thoughts take over and tear ourselves down.” - Zoe Lycett, Class of 2016