Catching Up With...Sarah Dickerson

Catching Up With...Sarah Dickerson

This week, the Susquehanna Athletic Communications office “Catches Up With” junior Sarah Dickerson, a member of the women’s cross country and track & field teams.

Sarah Dickerson          
Sport: Cross Country, Track
Class: Junior
Major: English and Philosophy
Birthday: Oct. 17, 1990

Why did you choose your major?
When I was a child, my mom read to me often, which is from where I suppose I gained my initial interest in literature. As I matured, so did this interest, so a major in English became the obvious choice for me. I decided to pursue a philosophy major as well after my freshman year when I took a philosophy class with Dr. Skitolsky in which I experienced both refreshing and alarming new perceptions on life and our world that I felt the necessity to continue in this field of study.

What has been your favorite class so far?
My most impactful class has been Philosophy After the Holocaust with Dr. Lissa Skitolsky.  It was a class that forced me to consider topics that are much easier to overlook, such as genocide. Through the course of the semester, I was able to focus my studies in that class on the power and impact of language in such situations, which appeals my exact area of interest.

Have you studied abroad? If so, when and where and what was your favorite memory or experience from your time abroad?
I studied abroad in London, England last spring, which was an incredible growing experience. My most prized memory from that semester has to be running a 15-mile authentic English cross country race.  While traveling to other countries was also memorable, this was an experience that was entirely unique to my study abroad and, quite naturally, suits me well as a runner.

What are your plans after graduation?
After graduation, I plan to attend graduate school in pursuit of my Master’s and Doctoral degrees in English.  I then have a goal of becoming a professor.

What is your favorite athletic memory as a Crusader?
My favorite memory as a Crusader was definitely winning the Conference Championship my first year of running cross country here in 2010.  To be a part of a team that was as close and dedicated as the group of women we had then far outweighs the joy I felt from individual successes since then.

What’s it like balancing a sport doesn’t have a true off-season?
I just love running, so it is part of my life more than it is a sport. Some of my deepest philosophical thoughts generate while I am out running because that time I am on the road provides me with time to relax and focus on what has been going through my mind.

What advice to do you have for a prospective SU student-athlete?
Obviously, as everyone will tell you, academics should always come first.  College is entirely too important to not fully immerse yourself in your academic endeavor foremost: develop relationships with your professors, and you will be provided with opportunities for both academic and personal growth.  This does not mean, however, that you cannot dedicate a few hours a day to a sport.  It is simply necessary to properly budget your time.

What are your goals for winter and spring seasons, both individually and as a team?
Since I was struggling with an injury for most of cross country season, my goal for indoor track to simply stay healthy and run some races.  I have bigger goals for post-season accomplishments during outdoor track, maybe even nationals.

My favorite midnight snack is…
Milk.  I drink a lot of milk, and it is a suitable snack for me any time of day.

If you could meet anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?
I would like to meet Philip Roth.  I recently read one of his novels and was so captivated by the layers of philosophical, literary, and psychological components in his work that I believe having a conversation with him would be utterly fascinating.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
I would travel some place uninhabited by man so I could experience the world as it was before our infestation.

Do you have any unique talents/hobbies?
I enjoy crocheting, and I also play the violin, which are both rather random.

Color: Purple
Food: Cheese
TV Show: Saturday Night Live
Movie: Fight Club
Band/Artist: Third Eye Blind
Quote: "Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers." –Voltaire