Fifty-Four Student-Athletes Named to 2010 Landmark Conference Academic Honor Roll

MADISON, N.J. – The Landmark Conference has recognized the members of its 2010 Fall Academic Honor Roll and Susquehanna boasts 54 student-athletes on the list. The honorees, representing six fall sports, were selected from all eight Landmark Conference institutions.

Twelve women’s cross country runners, 11 women’s soccer players, and nine  men’s soccer players, nine men’s cross country runners, eight volleyball players and six field hockey players were named to the list, released on Tuesday.

The Landmark Academic Honor Roll recognizes all fall student-athletes of sophomore standing or higher with a cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 3.2 or higher. The student-athletes must complete the fall season in good standing with their team.

The conference’s Fall All-Academic Team, which features two male and two female student-athletes from each Landmark Institution will be released later this fall. In addition, a Senior Scholar-Athlete will be chosen for each Landmark sport.

Below is the complete list of the 54 SU student-athletes who were named to the honor roll:

Name Class Sport GPA (3.2 and higher)
Shane Atha Sr. Men's Soccer 3.6
Zach Buckwalter Sr. Men's Soccer 3.58
Brandon Eisenhart Sr. Men's Soccer 3.643
Robert Long Jr. Men's Soccer 3.37
B.J. Merriam Sr. Men's Soccer 3.568
Brian Nobbs Sr. Men's Soccer 3.39
Sean Raffetto So. Men's Soccer 3.25
Matt Salsman So. Men's Soccer 3.26
Zach Ziegler So. Men's Soccer 3.33
Matt Calo Jr. Men's XC 3.3
John Dryburgh Jr. Men's XC 3.53
David Haklar Sr. Men's XC 3.24
Brendan Kane So. Men's XC 3.28
Dan Martin Jr. Men's XC 3.9
Ian Quinlan Jr. Men's XC 3.29
Glen Staples Sr. Men's XC 3.85
Luke Trama Sr. Men's XC 3.21
Joe Zamadics Jr. Men's XC 3.98
Allison Abey So. Field Hockey 3.39
Julia Amendola Sr. Field Hockey 3.62
Tiffany Collins So. Field Hockey 3.54
Diana Mask Jr. Field Hockey 3.49
Heather Moore Jr. Field Hockey 3.26
Anna Spisak Jr. Field Hockey 3.5
Kelly Bassett So. Women's Soccer 3.77
Julie Briskey Sr. Women's Soccer 3.48
Hadley Elsenbaumer Jr. Women's Soccer 3.86
Samantha Farina Sr. Women's Soccer 3.46
Leah Gardiner So. Women's Soccer 3.41
Emily Golas Jr. Women's Soccer 3.47
Erinn Jenkins Sr. Women's Soccer 3.95
Caitlin Murphy Sr. Women's Soccer 3.61
Samantha Price Jr. Women's Soccer 3.86
Lindsay Robbins So. Women's Soccer 3.33
Chayna Schiff Jr. Women's Soccer 3.5
Carol Giblin So. Women's XC 3.25
Katie Grap Sr. Women's XC 3.82
Michelle Kraske So. Women's XC 3.84
Kimmie Leonhardt So. Women's XC 3.33
Rachel Mack So. Women's XC 3.47
Kimberly McGrath So. Women's XC 3.59
Teresa McHale Jr. Women's XC 3.21
Katelin Peropat Jr. Women's XC 3.78
Caitlin Pflaum So. Women's XC 3.58
Lauren Smith Sr. Women's XC 3.78
Sarah Spearing Sr. Women's XC 3.61
Alycia Woodruff Sr. Women's XC 3.29
Samantha Adler So. Volleyball 3.286
Natalie Cicioni Jr. Volleyball 3.58
Morgan Jackson So. Volleyball 3.6
Lindsey Jankiewicz Sr. Volleyball 3.45
M.C. Llareus So. Volleyball 3.58
Kate Reese Jr. Volleyball 3.87
Kristin Shanabrook So. Volleyball 3.84
Shona St. Angelo Jr. Volleyball 3.47